2010 2011
Number of cattle in the country 73.781 72.773
Number of dairy in the country 25.711 25.661
Number of dairy farms with mammary posts 682 680
Meat production  (t) 3876,2 3885,3
Imports of meat   (t) 100,5 428,4



Dressing of beef carcasses in Iceland.

  • Head removed with the first vertebrae.
  • Feet removed at the knee joint.
  • Flay so the carcass membrane remains the most complete.
  • No bile contamination, hair and other dirt on the carcass.
  • Udder or testes are removed along with fat around.
  • Penis removed at the base behind the pubic bone.
  • Diaphragm removed.
  • Kidney removed along with suet and clots from the thorax.
  • Blood vessels with fat within the loin are removed.
  • Solid fat on ribs and between ribs are left intact.
  • Glands, particles and clots at the thorax opening are removed.
  • Blood vessels and blood liver in the neck removed.
  • Carcass is split end long along the middle of the spine column.
  • Muscles on either side of the loin left intact.
  • Spine removed.

Traditional cut

Hindquarter: Back part of the half separated by cross section between 10. and 11. ribs. Three ribs follow the hindquarter.

Forequarter: Front part of the half is separated from the back part by cross section10. and 11. ribs. Ten ribs follow the forequarter.


Pistola cut

Pistola: Posterior part of the half is cut by so called pistola cut. It is separated from the forequarter with approximately 22 cm deep cut between 5. and 6. ribs, across the loin. The side is detached from pistola by cut from the junction of leg and flanks towards strip loin, to the point approximately 22 cm from his midline, by the size of the half. The side is then removed by longitudinal cut parallel to the loin and is it attached and follows the forequarter.

Short forequarter with side: The remaining half when the pistola has been removed by approximately 22 cm deep cut between 5. and 6. rib by cutting from the junction of leg and flank to a line approximately 22 cm from the midline of loin to accommodate leg and lumbar vertebrae and by the line towards 5 rib.

Pistola on hip: Commonly after the hindquarter has been cut off with pistola cut the pistola is hanged up on hip bone instead of the hamstring. These hanging methods changes the shape of unique muscle considerably compared to normal hanging methods. Inner leg becomes elongated against globular, flank steak becomes shorter and thicker and loin muscle becomes longer and thicker. All muscles change less or nothing. The method speed up the tender of the meat.


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