Production of chickens 1. and 2. category (not included turkeys and game hen)

2010 2011
Meat production  (t) 6555 6903


Broiler farms in the country are the following:

Four livestock

Four incubator farms, including one incubator farm that is common for incubation of chickens, turkeys and laying hens.
82 grower houses in 27 farms, with room for 720,000 birds.

It is considered certain that the Icelandic settlers had birds for farming and their products of bird had some aspect to their return. In other words, that the poultry farming has been done to some extent all times in Iceland.

Up to the 20th century Icelandic people knew little about breeding birds, the birds are few and the products are small. Gradually the number of chickens increased, mostly in the Southwest and instruction from agricultural work led to add the knowledge in the production of eggs. Chickens increase from the century to 1930 from just over 5 thousand to 44,436.


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