About this publication

The Icelandic meat book was launched in 1994 and has been in use to the present day by meat factories, abattoirs, schools and all who handle meat and meat products. 

Significant progress has been made in the industry and it is therefore time to re-release the book. Here it is, and now in a new guise, as new technology makes it possible to present information on meat and meat products in a much more efficient and diverse format than was previously possible in a printed book.

This electronic version of the book is freely open for use; it should be possible for information from the book to be used in any alternative form. Saving the book allows you to print it out in its entirety, or to use specific sections or individual pages in promotional material, except that each individual page is marked with its origin and its content is unchangeable.

The Meat Book is divided into the following sections: lamb, beef, pork, horse and poultry. Each meat section has a detailed description of the species, starting with the skeleton and muscle using names and numbers. Then the whole carcass is divided to sections, with pictures of most portions, and describes where they come from and how they are obtained.

On each page are links to various reference materials, such as nutritional content, size and weight of pieces, classification, production information and also access to educational material from previous studies where relevant. There you will also find links to recipes and unique video demonstrations of deboning techniques.

Authors of the book are Guðjón Þorkelsson (food scientist) and Oli Thor Hilmarsson (master butcher), both employees Matís.

Editor: Óli Þór Hilmarsson

Text whriter: Guðjón Þorkelsson, Óli Þór Hilmarsson  og Gunnþórunn Einarsdóttir

Graphic design: PORT design

Photos: Odd Stefán Þórisson

Programming: Einar Birgir Einarsson